How Gym Can Change Your Life


Health Benefits

Going to the gym has so many health benefits, thousands of pages could be written on the subject. Let’s make this simple, and stick to the basics, physical and mental.

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Gym memberships spike in January of every year for a good reason. There is no place better than a gym to lower one’s weight or increase muscle mass. The assortment of machines at gyms target all muscle groups in the body through aerobic (think: 20 minute + consistent workout) and anaerobic (think: short bursts of intense energy) workouts.

The first thing working out does is increase blood flow. Increasing blood flow through exercise increases oxygen levels to all vital areas of the body – brain, liver, heart, lungs – and filters out unwanted toxins. Beauty products like face washes may change the outer appearance of the skin, but true lasting change comes from within the body. Increased oxygen flow heals cell walls and gives skin a radiant glow.

Enjoy getting sick far less often. Working out boosts the immune system, which is why it is rare to see a fitness enthusiast come down with the flu. Organs will be at their maximum level, fighting off viruses before they have a chance to get you.

Use the free weights and weight machines to target muscle groups you use every day – your legs, abs, arms, and butt. Before you know it, it will take just one trip to bring the groceries in – not two or three. Believe it or not, getting a six-pack is easier than you think. Consult a physical trainer on some core exercises, and supplemented with cardio, you will have a six-pack in no time.

More energy. After a few days of working out, you will notice it’s easier to get up in the morning and easier to power through long days. Why? Bodies provide as much energy as they deem necessary for one’s lifestyle. Your body is used to exerting a high level of energy in your workouts, and a long day with the kids or at the office is nothing compared to how hard you worked at the gym this week.


Lower your stress. Instead of hitting the bottle or carton for an easy fix to your stress, go work out. Working out increases serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain both during and after your work out, reducing your stress and allowing you to look at your problems from a fresh perspective and an open mind. Studies also prove that people who work out often see reduced levels of depression and anxiety. This means a more productive life – professional and personal.